About the Challenge


Fraternities and sororities at Radford University strive to maintain a strong legacy of leadership, service and philanthropy. Help them continue these strong traditions by taking the Greek Life Challenge today! When you participate, you will be supporting Fraternity and Sorority Life programming and scholarships for the next generation of Radford University's fraternity and sorority leaders. You may also choose to support students with urgent housing, food, or financial needs. 

The fraternity and sorority that garners the most supporters October 12-18 will be named the Greek Life Challenge champions.

Participation is easy! Simply select your favorite organization and click the "Give Now" button to help them lead the way in supporting essential Fraternity and Sorority Life programming and scholarships as well as students in need!



The Greek Leadership Training Fund

Established by Phi Kappa Sigma supports leadership development workshops and programs on and off campus.  This fund helps up-and-coming fraternity and sorority members explore their role as leaders and find their potential for impacting the campus community. Recently, this fund was used to assist 18 Fraternity and Sorority Life students from National Panhellenic Council, the Interfraternity Council, and the Panhellenic Council attend the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values Central Student Leadership conference in Indianapolis, IN.

The Helping Eradicate Homelessness through Opportunities, Resources and Supplies (HEHROS) Fund 

This fund provides short-term resources such as toiletry supply bags, dining hall meals, transitional living expenses and shelter for students who are experiencing urgent housing, food, or financial hardship.

The Dr. Noel Eggleston Greek Scholarship 

This scholarship is awarded to a female upperclassman and male upperclassman who are members of a sorority or fraternity and have exemplified leadership in their activities.

The Greek Program Fund

This fund supports Greek activities on campus to promote community, leadership, service and the outstanding philanthropic work of fraternities and sororities in the Radford community and beyond.




Please note that only one gift per donor will be counted toward each Greek organization's totals. When both online and offline gifts are made, reviewed and tallied at the conclusion of this competition, only one gift made per donor, per organization page will be counted. If a participant makes multiple gifts on a single organization's page, that participant will be counted only once toward that organization's total. Please also note that groups may not submit a lump sum gift to be attributed to multiple donors to have each individual counted as a separate donor.  If one gift is submitted alongside a list of names of participants, only one gift from one donor will be counted. Each donor will need to enter their individual gift online through the organization's page or bring their individual gift (cash/check with proper form) to the Advancement Office located on the 2nd floor of Russell Hall by 5pm of the Challenge week.

The Greek Life Challenge FAQ