Thank you for your interest in supporting Fraternity and Sorority Life at Radford University!  This competition has ended but you can still make a gift to support Greek Life at Don't forget to select your favorite fund: The Greek Leadership Training Fund, The Greek Programs fund, or the Dr. Noel Eggleston Scholarship.

Phi Kappa Sigma

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Help Phi Kappa Sigma demonstrate leadership during the Greek Life Challenge!

The Beta Omega Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma was founded at Radford University in 1982. Since its inception, the chapter has been at the forefront of Greek Life. The chapter has won a variety of awards, including the Arthur M. Jens Scholarship award (2013), Community Service award (2013), Most Outstanding Chapter of the Year (2013), and Greek Man of the Year (2013). Being one of the oldest and longest active chapters on campus, we have been able to build one of the strongest and most influential alumni groups. The chapter is continuously recruiting motivated and dedicated young individuals who aspire to be leaders at Radford University and beyond.

Make your gift today to help us lead the way in supporting Greek Leadership Training for all Fraternity and Sorority Life chapters at Radford University and assisting students with urgent housing, food or financial needs!



The Greek Leadership Training Fund

Established by Phi Kappa Sigma supports leadership development workshops and programs on and off campus.  This fund helps up-and-coming fraternity and sorority members explore their role as leaders and find their potential for impacting the campus community. Recently, this fund was used to assist 18 Fraternity and Sorority Life students from National Panhellenic Council, the Interfraternity Council, and the Panhellenic Council attend the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values Central Student Leadership conference in Indianapolis, IN.

The Helping Eradicate Homelessness through Opportunities, Resources and Supplies (HEHROS) Fund 

This fund provides short-term resources such as toiletry supply bags, dining hall meals, transitional living expenses and shelter for students who are experiencing urgent housing, food, or financial hardship.

The Dr. Noel Eggleston Greek Scholarship 

This scholarship is awarded to a female upperclassman and male upperclassman who are members of a sorority or fraternity and have exemplified leadership in their activities.

The Greek Program Fund

This fund supports Greek activities on campus to promote community, leadership, service and the outstanding philanthropic work of fraternities and sororities in the Radford community and beyond.