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The Highlander Senior Class Scholarship 2020

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The Highlander Senior Class Scholarship 2020

As a 2020 graduate of Radford University, we know you are a hard worker, resourceful and resilient. You want to do great things and make a positive difference in society, your community and the world. We know this because you are a Highlander!

As a Radford University graduate, you have opportunity, potential and the power to make a difference for Highlanders today by contributing to the Highlander Senior Class Scholarship - a fund for seniors by seniors!

 When you give in honor of your graduation year with a donation of $20.20 or more, you will receive a red and white philanthropy cord in recognition of your generosity.

The Highlander Senior Class Scholarship is a great opportunity for you to leave your mark. Donations to this scholarship will be used to provide financial support for a rising senior who may not otherwise be able to finish their education at Radford University.

 Make your gift today - support a scholarship that will directly benefit another Highlander !

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