Rogers Career Readiness Award

Celebrate Dr. J. Orion Rogers!

The Rogers Career Readiness Award

Our students work exceptionally hard to overcome challenges as well as stay engaged and focused throughout their education in an effort to graduate with well-developed potential and secure a worthy career. However, at times, even the most prepared and qualified aspiring young professional is stagnated by a seemingly trivial, but all-to-common dilemma - what to wear to their first interview, professional conference, or networking opportunity.  Many students do not possess, nor have the funds to purchase appropriate clothing for professional situations. This presents a significant obstacle to them seizing opportunities and a potential barrier to their ultimate success.

Through his work with students, Dr. J. Orion Rogers and his wife Valerie insightfully recognized this challenge and have been passionate about alleviating this anxiety-ridden circumstance that faces many of our talented students. As such, they created the Rogers Career Readiness Award. This fund provides students with brand new professional attire and shoes to help them look their best and feel fully prepared while presenting their research at conferences, career fairs, networking opportunities, and interviews. 

In honor of Dr. Rogers' retirement in June of this year, we invite you to join him in his passion to remove these obstacles and broaden access to valuable opportunities for our students by providing professional attire for two students annually.

See the impact your gift can make! 

Pictured below are the 2022 recipients of the Rogers Career Readiness Award. These awards are possible because of generous donors like you!

To learn more about the Rogers Career Readiness Award contact Vanessa Conner,